Become a Recruiter


We are looking for recruiters and have an interesting proposal for people who want to help grow the FairMoney network.

Participation is completely risk-free for entrepreneurs and usually very lucrative. You do not have to be afraid to split something into the stomach. FairMoney is a present. If you know how to convince entrepreneurs, that can yield a lot.

Recipients get F 10, – per month per paying company that they join, as long as the company pays a premium.

So, if you connect 100 companies, you already have an income of F 1000, – per month, which continues after you have stopped working with companies for a long time. Calculate what happens if you just continue with it.

That is a decent reward, but as a wharf you are invaluable to the network. Because the more people and companies participate, the better it is for everyone.

We regularly organize meetings for recruiters, where we share experiences and learn from each other. In principle, everyone can become a recruiter.

Mail us if you are interested.