Fair Money For Companies

FairMoney For Companies

You are looking for new customers. To strengthen your position in competition with the Multinationals. The credit crisis highlights the capital scarcity and you can always use new working capital. Especially when it is ultra cheap. You want to become less dependent on the Banks and the Euro, and less vulnerable to their crises.

And that is why there is FairMoney. This is a new and superior way of doing business.

By using FairMoney wherever possible, you as an entrepreneur will quickly notice that your income and your profit margin are growing and your room for maneuver as an entrepreneur increases. The more entrepreneurs and private individuals do, the more everyone will notice that.

FairMoney is simple for you as a company:

– You open an account within 5 minutes .

– You can then immediately be found on the members list , so that other participants can find you.

– You receive free, interest-free credit in FairMoney on request. This gives you extra spending power to invest in your business.

– You can pay and accept payments by phone or via the online FairMoney account.

– You do not run a risk: no one has to ‘step in’ or invest. Your use of FairMoney starts small and confidence grows with use.

– You can exchange FairMoney for euros for a maximum of 95 cents through the Exchange Office. (We recommend you to use your Fair Money for purchases, but the option is there to convert to Euros).

– 1 FairMoney is worth 1 Euro in transactions. F 1 = € 1

– Also in accounting, so very easy to integrate. You only need to add your FairMoney account in your cash position.

As an entrepreneur, you can start paying directly with FairMoney after opening an account.

– You can request credit by sending us an email. We also recommend that. It is in everyone’s interest that the extra liquidity is used and is going to circulate. What you can pay with your interest free credit allowance, you keep euro in the pocket.

– Your participation means that private individuals and other entrepreneurs end up at your company and that turnover further increases your income and room for maneuver.

Individuals can also pay with FairMoney. (In future, when we have a number of payment options locally with FairMoney, they can also accept part payment of wages in FairMoney). They can open an account for free and take advantage of the discount at the Exchange Office, where they can buy FairMoney for a maximum of € 0.95.

FairMoney is not-for-profit, but professionally offered. Participation costs F 10, – per month. This is automatically debited from your FairMoney account. You can always terminate participation immediately (possibly credit has to be settled).

Moreover, companies can simply participate in the first year under the slogan ‘money back satisfaction guarantee’. If on closer inspection you are not satisfied with the FairMoney, we simply refund your F 10 monthly contribution, ‘no questions asked’.

We know what the FairMoney is worth and want you to experience it.

So open an account today and start paying with Fair Money!