get money Fair Money works on the principle of interest free mutual credit. By availing of the interest free credit you increase demand for local goods and services, while building up your own business.

Here is how it works:

Remember, Fair Money works as a complimentary currency alongside the euro. 1Fm=$1. So all your pricing stays the same.

Next: You open a business account with  You Immediately qualify as a business for 500Fm credit. That is equal to €500. In effect, €500 of extra spending power has been created for your local economy.

Next: You spend from your account. You can spend up to the 500Fm credit limit. You will spend the 500Fm with Irish businesses that accept FairMoney. Businesses like yours, but who supply goods and services that are useful to you and your business.

But that’s not all that happens: You can also accept payment in Fm for goods and services that you supply.

In reality, you increase prosperity by using your Fm credit. And that prosperity will come back to you as other use their credit.

And, you can also transfer extra FairMoney units to Euros via consumer exchange.

For Example:

Tom’s Cars joins Fair Money Ireland.

David’s Carpentry joins Fair Money Ireland

Patrick’s IT services joins Fair Money Ireland

Tom uses his credit to get IT upgrade from Patrick for 300Fm (Tom -300, Patrick +300. Tom has better IT)

David uses his credit to get IT upgrade from Patrick for 400Fm (David -400, Patrick is now +700. David has better IT)

Patrick gets car service from Tom, for 200Fm (Tom is now at -100, Patrick is now at 700-200=500. Patrick’s car going great)

Patrick also gets David to install new workstations at his office, for 600Fm. (Patrick is now 500-600=-100Fm, David is now -400+600=200. Patrick has new workstations.

Patrick has ended up at -100, so he has 400 credit to use immediately if he wishes.

David has ended up at +200, so he has 200+500 credit to use immediately.

Tom ended up at -100, so he has 400 credit to use immediately.

As you can see from this example, each participant has improved their business, and each participant has had new income by providing goods and services. Total spending in this example is 900Fm (300+400+200). So the local economy has benefitted by the equivalent of €900, just in these three transactions. And all without anyone dipping into their euro pockets!

And, it gets even better. David ended up with a +200Fm balance.

Normally he would use this balance for further trade with other members. But if he has some Euro invoices to pay, he can go to the euro exchange, and convert his Fm to Euros. The buyer of these Fm will be consumers, who get a discount at point of purchase. So David will surrender the discount on that exchange. Discount is 5% minimum. So at that rate, David will get €190 for the 200Fm. For this reason, it is preferrable for the business to use their euro income to pay euro bills, and keep the Fairmoney to spend within the system. But in case a business has a large surplus of FairMoney, this offers a means to change to Euros.



If you have opened your business account, you can apply for interest free credit, simply by sending us an email .

Please read our terms of delivery carefully and let us know if something is unclear.

The most important issues at a glance:
– The credit is continuous.
– One twelfth of the overdraft must be repaid on a monthly basis. The amount repaid can immediately be spent again.
– If you make more than one twelfth of your overdraft in one month, this counts as repayment.
– If you have a part of one twelfth in income (turnover) on your account, you only have to pay the remainder.
– For the repayment you give us an authorization. We deduct the amount that you still have to pay off in your Fair Money account in Euros from your bank account every month. For this, the Foundation buys fair Money at the Exchange Office and registers the amount to be paid off on your Fair Money account.
– The credit space starts modestly. If you use it and there are no problems with the monthly repayments, there is growing space.

The credit is therefore free, low-threshold available, and we encourage you to use it.