What is Fair Money?

Fair Money is a payment method, just like the Euro. The intention is that you pay as much as possible with it. And as little as possible with the Euro.

The Euro is simply the Euro, Fair Money is not meant to replace the Euro. Fair Money is a so-called complementary currency , which circulates next to the official currency.

Mutual Credit is a concept as old as mankind. People have always allowed one another to buy now, pay later, in some form or another. Traditional societies would often gather to build the house for a newly wed couple. In turn that family would be there to help build the homes of the next generation, thus repaying their obligation to the community.

It is only in modern times that the burden of interest payments has been added. As a result, we buy now, pay later twice as much.

This causes many problems. Mutual credit systems allow a more stable and traditional credit which does not involve interest charges. This creates stable prosperity.

The Fair money system also adds convertibility with the Euro, making the system much more useful.

cut_costsFair Money’s goal is to generate additional cash flow in addition to the Euro, which increases the turnover and liquidity of companies and strengthens the purchasing power of consumers. In short, to solve the financial crisis. It is possible.

The problem is that there is too little money, so we make our own money: the fair Money network offers companies (and in time probably also consumers)  interest-free credit . This can solve the scarcity of capital in small and medium-sized enterprises and thus have enormous positive consequences for the real economy. Fair Money continue to circulate within the network, while Euros in the form of interest to the banks disappear.

The usefulness of complementary currencies, for example, has proven itself in Switzerland, where business has been using the WIR for 80 years besides the Swiss Franc and Bristol, where the local economy is flourishing thanks to the Bristol Pound .

Help solve the crisis,  open a Fair Money account and pay with it.

Frequently Asked Questions