A New Currency for Ireland

The conventional currency system creates crisis because there is always more debt than money… Due to interest applied on all credit. This is very unstable and is a drag on progress. There is an alternative… We can “make money together”: Introducing Interest free Mutual Credit. Small businesses and consumers can work together to create a more stable and prosperous Ireland. FairMoney.ie is based on a proven model already in operation in Europe and around the world. We are doing this now because it is the right thing to do. FairMoney.ie is in pre-launch phase. Please show your support by simply joining our mailing list so we can update you on progress. You can sign up for notifications as a shopper, and/or a business to receive specific updates. Even better, sign up to volunteer on our launch team. We can use all kinds of skills!


Why it’s great for business

Get Interest Free credit, Plus more customers.

You get interest free credit to expand your business. You are immediately linked with a network of like minded local businesses. You get more customers as members of our network will seek you out. Plus shoppers will look for you too in order to spend their units.

Why its great for shoppers…

Save money with every purchase…

You get 5% off all your shopping! By converting your Euros to Fair Money units, you get an automatic discount of at least 5%.

Fair Money units trade at 1-1 parity with the Euro. That makes shopping very simple. But you also get each fair money unit for no more than 95cent (sometimes less). That means you save at least 5% on all your purchases.

How Fair Money works

Two great ideas in Harmoney

Fair Money is based on two well proven currency models: Mutual Credit has worked all over the world for many years. Businesses get interest free credit to expand, and thus they increase the health of our economy.

Consumers get a discount by participating, thus increasing turnover and efficiency for everyone’s benefit.

Cost of business goes down, and the real money supply goes up, allowing more and better trade in our economy.

Easy to Use

Opening an account is easy. You can pay via your Computer or Smartphone. Payments are instant.

A boost for all of us

By giving our businesses access to interest free mutual credit, we will all benefit. We can use this system to undo some of the damage done by the drag of interest payments that have resulted from the banking crash.

Proven and Secure systems

Fair Money Ireland is based on the Dutch Florijn system. The system is based on well proven transaction systems that allow for simple use in a safe environment.